Friday, October 30, 2009

By The Sea

Curious title for a painting with no water. The whole time I was working on this painting I felt like I was on Cape Cod and just past the flowers was the sand and then the ocean.
The original of the pastel was rather small and sold soon after I finished it.
It looks very good in large format as well as small. Prices range from $25.00 to $300.00 for framed Giclee prints.
Note Cards are available for $4.00

Friday, October 23, 2009

Anza Borego

Whoever said the desert isn't beautiful has never seen it like this. Anza Borego is near San Diego and in the spring when the wildflowers bloom it is one of the most stupendous places one could ever hope to see.

This Pastel has been sold but I guarantee you the prints are beautiful (I have one in my livingroom).

Prints start at $25.00 for 5x7 with mat and go up accordingly from there.

Note Cards are $4.00


The original of this Pastel has been sold. The size was only about 3x4 inches and it was in a beautiful gold antique looking frame . It is by far one of my most favorite paintings and I think the man who bought it felt the same way.
Prints are available according to size and start as low as $25.00. Let me know what size you would like and I can give you a price.
Note Cards available at $4.00

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tuscan Trees No. 3

I love the soft greens and golds of the background. These colors are so muted in the landscape of Tuscany that it gave me a feeling of peacefulness.
The original painting is done in oils on a 6x6 box
style canvas.
The price is $100.00
Prints start at $30.00

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Back Country

The original of the pastel and sanded paper has been sold. Prints, both framed and unframed are available. Call for price. Note cards: $4.00
The "Back-Country" can be anywhere your mind and heart takes you. I think that I why this painting has appealed to so many people.

A View From The Train No.1

This is from a photograph I took on the train from Drango to Silverton Colorado in the fall.
Early fall color with the Anamus river below make this train ride one of the most beautiful rides and sites one could hope to see. The original oil painting is on a 4x4 box canvas and is priced at $75.00
Prints are available starting at $30.00

Verde Reparian Waterway

The original of this Pastel on sanded paper has been sold.

I can have prints custom made to suit your desire
(as long as it is in proportionate measurement to the original).

This is a view of the Verde River near Riverfront Park in Cottonwood, Dead Horse State Park is on the far side.